About me-min
Ever since I was 11 I was into the social media world creating wrestling stop motion animation content on YouTube, spending hours shooting and editing videos, creating story lines and building a brand.
This early interaction developed to what is now everything i do online which is create content on all social media platforms to tell my story, share my journey, give as much value to people as I can whether its entertainment, education or just motivation and inspiration and building my legacy.
I have tasted a lot when it comes to selling, making money when i had 0 and serving clients, but in 2021, I started my very first official business, Keyn media (pronounced as K N media), a modern marketing agency that bridges the gap between brands and the people.
We achieve that using contextual content across all social platforms to drive traffic and eyeballs to a brand and build a community dedicated for whatever product or service they offer.
The people are the ones that build the business, whether it is creating a strategy for one of our clients or the culture i am trying to build inside the agency, the focus is always on the PEOPLE.
I one day aspire to be a well known figure in the business world, leave my mark and legacy on the market and help others like me hustle their way into achieving whatever passion or dream they may have.
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