What is Content Creation?

What Is Content Creation?

If you’re reading this, you probably looking for the answer to what is content creation.

Now first of all I hope you’re doing great and hope you and your family are safe and well during these hard times. (If you’re reading this in the future, I am talking about the Covid-19 pandemic)

I am a Lebanese content creator and future business owner that has been creating content for his Instagram page and I grew it from 200 to 2k in about 3 months using content.

Now for me, content creation is anything and everything you put out to the public on any social platform whether it’s video form, audio form (Podcast) or written form (Blog).

Let’s take this for example:

Your dog makes a funny face, you post a picture about it on Instagram, that’s content.
Then you film a video of you trying to make your dog do that funny face again and teaching people how to get their dogs to do the same and upload that on Youtube and Instagram, that’s content.
After that, you write a blog about the different faces dogs do and what each of them mean and upload that on Medium or you Blog Website, that’s content.

Content can fall into 2 categories, entertaining or educational.

That’s what you should leverage on. Content creation isn’t spamming your feed with images of products and “Buy This”, “Buy That”.
That’s not content, that’s being a shitty salesman online.

Teach your audience how to use your product, teach them how to make use of a specific feature or entertain them with your product.

Teach or Entertain. Do Not Sell!

People on social media want to spend time, they want to enjoy their time, they do not want to be spammed by your selling techniques. Sure that may get you a sale or 2, but you should be aiming for that long term Brand Building.

A single idea can be produced into multiple forms of content and then distributed accordingly on each platform.

-Record a video of your idea and upload that on Instagram and Youtube,

-Take the audio out of that and upload that on your favorite Podcasting platform.

-Take the content, type it and upload it on your blog.

-Take Lines and small advices, tweet them.

Then finally take that tweet crop it accordingly and upload it back to Instagram.

There are many ways to create content but do not focus on perfection, there is no such thing as perfection there is only creation.

Hope you enjoyed this small blog! Drop in your thoughts!