What We Can Learn From The Bernie Sanders Meme

Kamal Nehme - Bernie Sanders Meme



This Bernie Sanders meme has taken over the internet in the past couple of days, an image taken of Bernie trying to warm himself up at the Inauguration 2021.

Marketers and people quickly took advantage of it and started photoshopping his image on to different scenes and scenarios is just for fun or as a way to relate it to their brands,

I am someone that always likes to look at things differently and see what i can extract from everything that happens on the internet to try and learn from it!

So here is what you as a marketer or a content creator can learn from this!

1) Context and story:
People are photoshopping him in random situations and its instantly clicking and relating to people and they are loving it!

Bernie was just sitting trying to warm himself up, but its the creators that attached a meaning behind each image they did and linked it to a specific story and context!

Empty content will fail, attach a story to your message, create context!

2) Fuck quality.
If a random pixelated cutout poorly edited into places can break the internet. Your video will do just fine if its not 4k resolution with studio quality lightning.

Focus on the message and the meaning behind every piece of content.

I do not care if Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan directed your Instagram video, if the message is not their and there is no value, i’m out and so are the people.

3) Social media runs the world!
A few memes here and there got the world talking about Bernie and he even released merch with the image printed on it with all income generated from it will be donated to charity!


If you’re not taking advantage of social media RIGHT NOW to build yourself, you’re losing

4.1 – People decide what goes viral and what doesn’t, people decide if your content is good or not.
So if your content is not performing well, its not Instagram’s fault, its not that people don’t “get it”, its not Youtube’s fault.


4.2- People sell.
People related to bernie, they saw a human, a face and instantly related to it.

Start showing yourself more, be personal, talk to the world with your face, not with the face of a stock image model.

5) Social media is unpredictable
You never know what goes viral, you never know what works and what doesn’t, some of the things you work on for 10 hours flop, and some of the things you do in a matter of minutes on the spot perform extremely well.

This is why you should never stop posting consistently every day, improving and executing on the feedback and eventually 1 will land, but you won’t know which one!

Consistency in delivering content is key!

This is what i was able to take out from the whole Bernie meme and i think it’s a super way to explain how the internet and social media in general works!

I appreciate you reading this, if you found it helpful, why not share it with your friends so that they can benefit as well!

Thanks for reading!