What does “Success” mean?

What does success mean? Kamal Nehme



Money, cars, fame, ceo of a business, entrepreneur, Gucci….

All of these terms are often related with success. But is it really?

Is success really something material?

From the thoughts of a 21 year old Lebanese aspiring entrepreneur im here to tell you NO. Atleast for me.

You see success is wildly misunderstood and I get it, people want to flex things on their friends, people want to prove it to others that they “made it”  people want to fill up their insecurities around the fear of other people’s opinion and the fear of judgment so they mask themselves with material things that make them “look” successful in their eyes while in reality, they are miserable in life (Some)

In the words of Gary Vee: “Success is waking up in the morning and being in a good mood”

And I LIVE by that! I believe in that so much.

I believe success is not a status, its not something people label you with, success is a mindset, its YOUR mindset. Would you be happy running a million dollar tech company and have everything you ever wanted but you never realized your dream of being a fisherman and you always go to sleep at night thinking and imagining yourself on your boat fishing? 

This is where I believe mindset is the game, success is you being happy with your life, being happy with what you are doing, being proud, always having a smile on your face.
You can be successful in our teens if you want to, if you’re doing what you love and you’re living your life to the maximum potential you’re successful.

To me? I am successful now, and the most successful as well! Why? Because I am waking up every morning excited to do what im doing and excited to go through the day.

I think the person that loves his 9 -5 job, goes back home and spends the rest of his day playing call of duty online is successful – if he is happy with it

Success is not a status, its not a bank statement, it’s a mindset.

Thank you so much for reading this, not a very long one but just wanted to share my thoughts in writing!

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