People connect with YOU, not your content.

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So today I want to talk about a topic I find very interesting for anyone interested in building their personal brand or go into the content creation journey!

There are thousands of DOs and DONTs available online, millions of Google search results and articles…
In this one I’m not going to talk about everything, I want to focus on one things which is where YOU stand in your content.

I believe in 1 thing when creating content, which is the following:
“Content attracts people, YOU make them stay”

Now what do I mean by that?

When creating content I have one thing in my mind at all times, how can I make this piece of content valuable to people and also represent ME.
I tackle every piece of content I create as a chapter telling my story, sharing my voice, my experiences, my point of view.

You see, content is everywhere, everything you see online is content and people are bombarded by it on a daily basis, whether it’s on Instagram, on YouTube, twitter, Facebook or even Google.
Unless you are finding the cure to cancer or making a big discovery, there is a SUPER HIGH chance that what you are talking about has already been talked about before, every info, every tip, it can be all found on google, so why would the person read yours? Why would anyone consume your content?

The answer? YOU!

People relate with people on the simplest of things, people connect with you when you share who you are, even if the walls of social media (which I think by now are none existant) are up, you can connect with them as if you were friends for a long time.

Content is good, if its valuable, it attracts people to you, it is the reason people follow you and become part of your audience, but after everything is done, after they finish watching your video or reading your blog, its YOU that makes them stay wanting for more.

Which is why videos are proven to be the best way to communicate. People see you, they hear your voice, they see your body language, they see the way you talk and that way, they connect with you!

What to do now for you after this?

Start sharing more!

Start sharing who you are with your audience, what you like, what you dislike, what are your interests, how you like to spend your time, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, where you work, how you talk…

All of those add up to your overall brand experience which makes people more engaged with you and ultimately more CONNECTED to you!

Hope you enjoyed this one, if you loved it, make sure to share it on Twitter or Facebook and follow me on Instagram for daily content!

Thank you, Kamal Nehme