5 Content Creation Tips For Social Media!

I have been creating content for about a year now, I’m not an expert but I curated a set of tips that may help you out if you’re just starting, those are things that helped me personally in creating content and made content creation for me so much easier and a lot less stressful.


So here are 5 tips for you so you can start creating.


Number 1: Pick your format.

Choosing a format is very important because this is how you will communicate, not everyone is good at video, not everyone is as entertaining in audio alone so find what form works best for you and what you can do on a consistent basis. Even if people tell you that video is more engaging or blog will make you more money, never listen to anyone but yourself, if you’re not good on video, try audio, if you’re not good at audio try written blog, if you’re not good at writing maybe you’re good at illustrations.

Try as many mediums as you can and see what works for you.
-Alot more formats


Number 2: Stop selling, teach or entertain.

This applies to businesses as well as individuals who sell their own merch or digital products. People are on Social media for 2 things, either to learn or to be entertained and let the time pass, so you need to take advantage of that.
People runaway from the salesmen in stores and people knocking at their doors trying to sell you stuff, they wouldn’t want to run into them online. Stop the buy this buy that subscribe to this membership or buy from that on each and every single post.

Teach the people how to use that specific product, or teach them what you know based on your skill set, or you entertain them with funny videos and entertaining segments.


Number 3: Document don’t create.

This is a big one and something I learned from Gary Vee, well basically everything I learn is from Gary Vee but this one in particular, the moment I heard it changed the way I tackle content creation and changed the background or the drive behind my content.

I was always looking for the newest and most unique tips to teach, until I realized that the only thing unique about me was my experience, my journey, my life, I was the only unique part of my content so start to curate the content around your journey around your experience.

Don’t try hard to sound like a know it all or an expert, document what your learned, the steps you are taking the processes you are using and share that with your audience


Number 4: Know your Why

This is extremely crucial to know in your content creation process, knowing why you are posting, what’s the goal behind the content and I have you a look at my goals in my last post if you didn’t check it go and do so right now.

Basically if your goal is more clients, you can be posting content that teaches designers how to use photoshop that’s the simplest I can put it.

If you’re posting for the community or to grow a community around you, then you content should be directed to that, as an example I am preparing for a podcast or as people call it a vodcast or videocast with each one of you guys from the community joining me every week, that’s my way of giving to the community and growing one as well.

Know why you are posting


Number 5: Just create

Last but not least is, just create and that’s it, stop looking for the perfect time to start, stop waiting to get the best camera around or to set up the best light equipement, stop consuming so much content and start creating content for yourself. You have watched enough motivational videos, you have read enough growth hacks, and how to ebooks.

It’s time to start creating


And as a BONUS here is another tip for you and that is, be patient, I cant stress that enough, your first post wont lead you to millions directly, or even the first 100 pieces of content.

Don’t expect magic to happen to you when you start posting, be patient, love the process and enjoy it.

Disclaimer: Please take these tips and apply them to your own process and test out multiple things and find the one that works for you. Do not take my words as the only guide but jump in the pool and taste the different fishes around.

These tips are not set in stone these are just part of my process and what is working for me right now you are free to follow them or ignore them. Do as you please.

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