How to talk to the camera and create video content without fear.

How to talk to the camera and create video content without fear - Kamal Nehme

Social media is all about content, the more you put out the more attention you get, the more attention you get the more you can do to leverage your personal brand and grow as an individual.

“Your personal brand is your reputation and your reputation is the foundation of your career” — Gary Vee

Putting out content and creating an audience around you that supports, trusts and connects with you has never been more important specially in the digital world of 2020 and onwards.

But I’m not here to talk to you about personal branding I’ll leave that for another time. I’m here to help you get more comfortable in front of the camera so you can spit out video content whether as posts or stories whenever you want without ever thinking twice!

There are 2 fears related to video content:

  • The fear of actually talking to that round lens that suspiciously produces square video
  • The fear of uploading that piece online and people seeing i


The fear of actually talking to the camera:

There are no rules or strategy you can use to help this process happen faster, the only key here is practice. Practice, Practice, Practice. I know this tip sounds lame and pretty general, but it’s the truth.

You weren’t born running around, you practiced walking by falling 100 times, then learned how to run. And it’s no different in this case.

Practice everyday, grab your camera, press record and just talk to yourself.

Tell yourself what your plans are for the day, tell yourself what you are thinking, or tell yourself what you did in the day. Watch the videos, write down the mistakes you are doing, delete it and repeat the next day.

Practice the feeling of looking through the lens and talking to it.

Some mistakes to avoid:

  • Looking at the screen and not the lens.
  • Waving your arms too much or too little
  • Looking around too much when thinking about what you want to say
  • Saying words like “uhmm” “so” “and” too much

The fear of uploading the video online

This fear often comes from the fear of other people’s opinion. You’re afraid people are going to see it and laugh at you or throw hate. You’re afraid your friends are going to see it and make fun of you and feel embarrassed.

For this, you need to go back to why you’re doing it in the first place.
Why are you posting this video? What’s your goal? What are you planning to do?

Your why should be strong enough to overcome that fear. How can you let other people’s opinion stand in the way of your happiness and your dream? Is it your dream or theirs?

People hate and laugh on the things they can’t do.

No one’s opinion should ever be stronger than your why, EVER.

Bonus tip: Make sure you don’t get dragged into the perfection zone when practicing. Always thinking that you can improve and not posting will lead to you never actually posting and just stop.

Do it, post it. Even if you think it’s only 50% good, that’s totally fine! The other 40% will be added when you actually start putting it out there and seeing the results.

Now why did I say the other 40 and not 50? Because there is no such thing as 100% perfect, you’re always going to chase that extra 10%, that’s how you get better!

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