My thoughts on “Hustling”

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle.

We always hear this word so much.
In this post i am going to be talking about the term “Hustle” from a 21 year old, just starting out man’s point of view.

We all know what hustle is and it’s a buzz word that have circulated a lot in today’s world, we see all those millionaire entrepreneurs and some 9 year olds running an Instagram page teaching you how to become an entrepreneur online always preaching about hustling, working all day all night 18 hours 20 hours per day to achieve your goals.

I have consumed a lot of content from those preachers and im kinda at the point where i can formulate my own idea of what hustle is.
Now I’m going to exclude Gary vee from this one although he always talks about not doing anything for 10 years just working hard to achieve your goals but his message is misunderstood a lot of times by people just starting out. Gary vee himself says that he wishes that he has done some stuff outside of work in his 20s, and what he always says is you have to achieve happiness and not burning yourself out for the next 10 years.
If you are happy working 9 hours a day and taking the weekend off then by all means that is what you have to do.

But when someone comes on and tells you he wants to be a millionaire by 30 while he is spending half of his day binge watching Netflix.

That’s when Hustling applies.

Hustling isn’t about working 20 hours a day, not going out, not seeing your friends or having any relationship outside of work.
Hustling is about taking the right actions that will lead you to your goal. If your goal is to be the next president, or sip on margaritas from a coconut on the beach while your company makes you millions then you have to work your ass off starting from today.

But if your goal is to have a decent amount of income for your normal needs, living an average life, having fun with your friends, then that’s okay.
It’s okay to take a day off to play some video games, its okay to finish your work at 8 pm and then go out with your friends to have a drink.
But what is not okay is you blaming everything else except for yourself for not being a millionaire while you sit at home doing nothing.
Hustling can be explained in an easy sentence. You want something you have to do the right amount of work for it.

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