Why TikTok is crushing it in social media now.

Tik Tok Blog - Kamal Nehme


Unless you don’t have any social media account whatsoever, you know TikTok is THE place right now where all the action online is happening.

TikTok came in and swept away the users off of the other social media apps and hooked them hard!
TikTok now is being used more and more by businesses to promote their products/services and even by people who are not on it to “dance” but to build their personal brands!

Now I want to be talking today about why I think TikTok blew up so much, and what does that mean to other aspiring social media app creators.

1- Ease of creation

With every new emerging social media app, a new way of creating content came in and what makes a social media platform stand out in my opinion is how can they make it easier for their users to create better quality content.

When Instagram first came in, they made it easier to take an image and immediately make it look better with a few filters which ultimately made the consumers on the app eager to do more,

This is what TikTok is nailing now with video.

TikTok made it soo much easier to create high quality videos in a matter of minutes using various effects and filters, the ability to cut/remove clips, add music, record a voice over all in one app and immediately share it.
And if you see some of the content on TikTok that were created ON the app, you would think Steven Spielberg directed it!

This is what I think “The Next Big Social Media App” developers need to look into.
How can we make it easier to create better content?

Nail that and you have the next winner

2- The fast pace game

TikTok made it soo hard for people to just jump in, watch one video and log off. No no no this is not what’s happening, if you clicked on the TikTok app by mistake, expect an hour long session of consuming video after video

The video starts immediately, no pauses, no waits – fills up the whole screen so there is nowhere else to look, no escape…

And also because the duration is only 15-60 seconds, people are more inclined to watch the video and not skip it because it’s only 15 seconds…It’s not like you’re watching a 10 min YouTube video with a boring start and at the 30 sec mark you’re like nop I’m not going to handle 9min 30sec more of this and click off.


3- Trend and the psychology behind it

People love being part of something bigger, people love the feeling of belonging, they want to belong to a bigger community, they want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, it’s a natural state.

And what better way to feel like you belong than with a trend?

When people participate in a trend, they are indirectly feeding their own “feeling of belonging” they feel like they took part in something, they are part of this worldwide thing that millions of others just like them are doing.

So TikTok with its fast paced nature and ease of creation, made it super easy for anyone to hop on a trend and be part of it!

This ultimately helped the users on the platform feel less pressure in having to create original content every day and helped them feel like they are part of a big community.

We are done with TikTok now, but what does that mean to other aspiring social media app creators?

TikTok is the biggest indicator that there is no such thing as market saturation.
Anyone with the hopes of creating a social media app now always has one thing on their mind: I can’t possibly compete with the big dogs like Facebook and Instagram!

TikTok proved that with the right implementation and the right strategy, competing IS POSSIBLE!

I do not believe In market saturation, I believe there is always an audience for everything and always a way to break through the market, you just got to know how to capture the attention.

The game here is ATTENTION!

What should you do now? Get on TikTok ASAP!

The organic reach is crazy on it at the time of me writing this, There is not enough people creating as there are people consuming, 1 video can get a million views out of nowhere, ads are still super limited so get on it ASAP before organic reach is low and you start blaming the algorithm for not pushing your content.

Appreciate you reading this so much, I hope you enjoyed it, if you did, make sure to share it on Twitter or Facebook!

Thank you, Kamal Nehme